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The first ever Splitterz meet was on the 15th January 2004 in something approaching a monsoon at the now long demolished Army & Navy pub in Chelmsford.

We meet up once a month in each of three locations and keep in touch in between whiles through our club forum.

We hope to see you there and welcome and ideas for fun things to do that you might have to offer. Click here for more club information >

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30th September 2015

Perfect Weather for a Show

This weekend we had what may be the last camp out of the season for many dubbers and the weather came out to give them a good send off. This led to Retro Dubs Suffolk 2015 being extremely busy and very successful.

There was a good spread of plenty of traders, many of whom had not been seen on the VW circuit this year, so were a welcome change. The site was well laid out and was extremely busy thanks to the great weather we had. Sometimes it's nice to be on the receiving end of the unpredictable British weather.

Ian and Donna who run the show even chose to get married and celebrate at the show on the Saturday - plenty of people at their wedding reception then! This added a cosy interest to a lovely weekend for them (although I have to say that anyone who chooses to organise a show and a wedding to coincide at the same time, probably needs their head examined, but we love them anyway).

The Sunday saw the show n shiners come out in force, with plenty of day trippers and a pleasant early morning cruise to the show that included several Splitterz members. There was a strong mix of vehicles from Beetles to T5's and most things in between. There was a correspondingly wide array of prizes, many of which were hand crafted with a great deal of thought and effort.

We were lucky enough for a couple of our attendees to pick up trophies. Mark and Carrie Richardson who attend Splitterz Chelmsford picked up Best Paint for their stunning splittie, Oscar Orange. The prize was an attractive trophy made from melted blue glass bottles. Kieron Davey, who has also comes to Chelmsford, also picked up Best T25 for his bus, Sky. The prize for this was a hand cut/welded T25 model, with gears as wheels - a lot of effort had gone into the making of that trophy, too. And there were other friends of Splitterz who also picked up trophies.
All in all it was a very pleasant weekend, made all the better by great weather and by some Splitterz folk winning some well deserved trophies.

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